Guidelines for Conference Speakers (2 of 2)

Congratulations for being selected as a speaker for the 2023 International Kinesiology Conference!  We are looking forward to your quality essay and online presentation!


We trust that you will prepare an intellectually-stimulating presentation that provides useful information, practical tools, or applicable research designed to strengthen participant understanding of kinesiology or movement, and congruent to the theme of Lifelong Learning.


To make this an enjoyable and impactful experience for all, please sign the 2nd part of the speaker guidelines and send it back to us in 3 days, i.e. on or before February 17, 2023. (Hong Kong, China UTC+8)


Thank you!

1. Conference Journal for Sale

The speaker gives royalty-free permission to both the sponsor and the endorsers to publish his/her paper in the conference journal, which may be available for consultation or sales on Brain Body Centre’s website, as well as different BTi and/or IKC platforms (such as but not limited to the IKC e-Library, IKC e-shop and IKC websites). Authors will retain copyright ownership of their papers and are free to use their papers in any other way as deemed fit.


2. Use of Photos and Videos for Publicity

The speaker gives permission to the sponsor to take photos and videos of his/her speech and to use them for post-conference publicity and advertising on sponsor and endorsers’ platforms without any compensation to the speaker.


3. Post-conference Sign-up

The speaker gives royalty-free permission to the sponsor to take video-recording of his/her speech for replay and post-conference sign-up through Brain Body Centre’s website or conference website for up to one year, i.e. October 17, 2024, with no subsequent claims for copyright, financial or other compensations.


4. Conference Branding

The speaker will use standardized PowerPoint frames designed by the conference sponsor (2023_Intl_Kinesiology_Conference_PPT_Template.pptx) if they choose to use a PowerPoint for their presentation.  The speaker will also use a standardized WORD template provided by the conference sponsor (2023_Intl_Kinesiology_Conference_Essay_Template.docx) for the sponsor’s easy layout of his/her essay in the conference journal.


5. Languaging

The speaker agrees to allow the proof-reading team of the sponsor to edit the English and Chinese terminologies used in their written materials and their speech related to the conference. This is for coherence in style and the smooth translation of written materials and precise interpretation of conference speeches.

A copy of signed Guidelines for Conference Speakers (2 of 2) will be send to your email.