Details of Post-Conference Online Viewing Programme 2024

Post-Conference Online Viewing Programme 2024 Fees

Fees for First-time Participants

(those who have not yet enrolled in the 2023 International Kinesiology Conference)

All 4 days全部參加HKD/per person2,900


Any 3.5 days全部參加HKD/per person2,765


Any 3 days全部參加HKD/per person2,610


Any 2.5 days全部參加HKD/per person2,425


Any 2 days全部參加HKD/per person2,175


Any 1.5 days全部參加HKD/per person1,850


Any 1 day全部參加HKD/per person1,450


Any 0.5 day全部參加HKD/per person950


Fees for Reviewers

For reviewers (those who have enrolled in the 2023 International Kinesiology Conference)

  • All 4 days: HKD1,450 per person
  • Any 3.5 days: HKD1,385 per person
  • Any 3 days: HKD1,305 per person
  • Any 2.5 days: HKD1,215 per person
  • Any 2 days: HKD1,090 per person
  • Any 1.5 days: HKD925 per person
  • Any 1 day: HKD725 per person
  • Any 0.5 day: HKD475 per person

Replay Closing Date: October 10, 2024 (Thursday)

Other Preferential Categories

  • Speaker discount: HKD500 off; Energizer leader discount: HKD100 off
  • Discounts for IKC or TFH School members (i.e. TFH School Faculty, Trainers and Apprentice Trainers, PDS Faculty and PS faculty): 10% off
  • Discount for IKC Professional School Professional Kinesiologists and recognized graduates: 5% off
  • BTi faculty member discount: 20% off

Please Note:

  • Various discounts in “Other Preferential Categories” cannot be accumulated except for “Speaker discount” and “Energizer leader discounts”. “Other Preferential Categories” are not applicable to the purchase of the conference journal. Offer can only be used once. Speaker and Energizer leader discounts are not applicable to reviewers.
  • Payments may involve exchange rate deviations, administrative fees for banks or remittance agencies, etc., which are the responsibility of the participant.
  • All fees are non-refundable once payment has been made.

Programme Fees Include


Conference Journal

For First-time participants: Bilingual conference journal PDF version worth HKD350,


Attendance Certificate

For First-time participants: Attendance certificate PDF version (Each half-day provides 4 hours of certificate of attendance. Licensed Brain Gym® Instructor/Consultant of the Breakthroughs International may get up to 32 relicensure credits for a 4-day viewing programme; There may be slight variations in some countries/region. Please contact your local recognized affiliate, associations or faculty for details.)


Watch Conference Videos From Now Till October 10, 2024

No matter when you sign up, you may watch conference videos of the 4-day conference until October 10, 2024. The earlier you sign up, the longer the review period!


For Reviewers, fees include viewing programme only.

Programme fees do not include: Paper version of the conference journals.  Participants may purchase it at a discounted price of HKD360 at the same time of registration (1 copy per participant at this rate, HKD470 for the 2nd copy and after reviewers who have previously purchased the paper version of the conference journals at the special price of HK$220 will not be eligible for the above special price.). If purchased after registration, it is also HKD470. Delivery costs will be paid by the recipient.