Highlights of the 2023 International Kinesiology Conference – 6-minute Video Replay

Highlights of the 2023 International Kinesiology Conference – 6-minute Video Replay

The 4-day 2023 International Kinesiology Conference, with the theme of “Lifelong Learning”, was successfully completed on October 17th!

About 250 participants from all over the world, 54 speakers, 11 energizer session leaders, 4 masters of ceremony and 11 interpreters attended the conference from different time zones in different time slots. The speakers expressed their views on practical scenarios of lifelong learning and sparked off intellectual and academic ideas. The leaders of the Energizer sessions led the participants to experience the benefits of various physical activities and livened up the online event.
The balances led by speakers during the presentations and the group balance led by the sponsor were insightful. The interpreters diligently did their best to bring out the messages of the speakers to the participants in another language. The masters of ceremony were in a flow with what were happening to ensure that the programme proceeded smoothly.

Just a few days after the event, one of the participants gave feedback and said, “The balances have already affected my life.” After the conference, the sponsor has been receiving positive feedback from participants and speakers all over the world! We would like to thank the two endorsers, Breakthroughs International and International Kinesiology College, and the co-sponsors and friends for their kind cooperation and support!

Participants who would like to review the conference again, and those who could not attend all the sessions, will be able to watch the video recordings during the two-month free replay period. Please stay tuned for further news!

Conference Sponsoring Team
Brain Body Centre Ltd. (Hong Kong)