Join Us As Advertisers

The 2023 International Kinesiology Conference is a 4-day, bilingual, international online event in English and Chinese. In addition to the 54 speakers from 21 countries around the world, more than 220 participants from Greater China region and around the world have already signed up for the conference.  Enrolment for the conference continues to be active. The online conference will be available for free replay for a period of 2 months, during which participants will have the opportunity to watch the conference for unlimited times. The conference sponsor will distribute a 500-600 page bilingual conference journal to participants, reaching out to not only conference attendees and speakers, but also key personnel from the sponsor and endorsers, as well as purchasers of the journal.

As an enthusiast of kinesiology and the conference theme Lifelong Learning, you are welcome to participate as an advertiser with the following three types of adverts:

  1. Your 30-second self-produced video advertisement (for conference broadcast),
  2. Your self-customised advertisement in the conference journal,
  3. Your standard congratulatory message in the conference journal.

We look forward to your seizing this opportunity to bring the advantages and special features of your organisation, products and services to a wider audience, and make connections with your potential clients.

For Details, Please download below “Order Form” for advertisers

Data Information of Participants

We believe the following participant data will help you grasp the content and language of your advertisements:

Number of participants signed up until August 23, 2023: 220 in total;

Geographical distribution:

  • From Chinese mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong:
    129 people (58.60%);
  • From other parts of Asia: 35 people (15.90%)
  • From outside Asia: 56 people (25.50%)

Language distribution:

  • Bilingual in English and Chinese (an estimate): 41 people (18.60%)
  • Understand Chinese only (an estimate) : 105 people (47.80%)
  • Understand English and/or other languages only(an estimate) : 74 people (33.60%)

Important Dates for Advertisers

Sep. 6, 2023
Order deadline for Self-customised Advertisement (commission the sponsor to design and produce the advertisement)
For advertisers who write the advertisement, provide the texts and necessary images, and commission the sponsor to design and produce the advertisement: the advertisement text and images should be ordered and submitted by September 6, 2023 for timely production.
Sep. 14, 2023
Order deadline for Standard Congratulatory Message
The order should be placed by September 14, 2023 and together with advertisers’ information.
Sep. 18, 2023
Order deadline for Self-customised Advertisement (write, design and provide the print files themselves)
For advertisers who write, design and provide printing files themselves: Ordering and submission of hard copies by September 18, 2023 is required.
Oct. 3, 2023
Order deadline for 30-second Self-produced Video Advertisement
Please order and submit your 30-second self-produced video advertisement slots by October 3, 2023.