Stay Relaxed, Improve Performance & Learn Throughout Life – Are You Coming to the 2023 International Kinesiology Conference?

Stay Relaxed, Improve Performance & Learn Throughout Life – Are You Coming to the 2023 International Kinesiology Conference?

The society nowadays is developing rapidly. External pressures are squeezing many people into stressed states and causing them to perform below their normal levels.

Recent examples are the rise of fully automated, remote-controlled production equipment without the need of someone on site, and the launch of AI online chatting robots. Together, both have caused many labour-intensive jobs and entry-level positions in the affected industries to disappear.

Furthermore, new pathogens like Covid-19 and microplastic pollution are forcing the humankind to change our current lifestyles to continuously adapt to the new external environment.

In the long run, how to stay relaxed despite under different types of high pressures, and perform at your personal best? Or even improve upon your personal best?

Engage in lifelong learning, to constantly update your state, abilities and skills, and to sustainably enhance your sense of well-being.

For those who are interested in learning more about how kinesiology can contribute to your own lifelong learning, please register with the sponsor or co-sponsors of the 2023 International Kinesiology Conference.

** Register on or before August 14, 2023 to enjoy a two-month early-bird discount, and register for the all four days will get the discount of HKD800 from the original price! **

Fees include:
➊ Live Online Attendance – Live online attendance at the conference
➋ Conference Journal – Bilingual conference journal PDF version (estimated to be around 500-600 pages) worth HKD350
➌ Attendance Certificate – Attendance certificate PDF version to claim continuing education credits. (Please contact your local recognized affiliate, associations or faculty for details.)
➍ Free Playback – 2-month free playback after the conference (according to the days signed up), i.e. Pay for 4 days and get another 5+ days free – You may choose the speakers and topics you prefer from the 3 virtual rooms during the conference and catch up on missed speeches later during the free replay period.

The online conference will be held on October 14-17, 2023, 9:00A.M. to 5:30 P.M. (UTC+8, Hong Kong, China), bilingual in English and Mandarin Chinese, to learn from about 54 speakers from 21 regions from different Kinesiology modalities.

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Please contact the conference sponsor, Brain Body Centre Limited (Hong Kong), or any of the co-sponsors for further details or assistance.